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The second edition of the Africa Foto Fair, held from November 3 to December 17, 2023, at the Mucat museum, showcased the dynamic essence of photography with 53 photographers from 24 countries across Africa and beyond. The festival exhibited 321 prints, capturing the diverse creativity in photography as an art form and a storytelling tool.

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With over 8,000 attendees, the festival became a hub for photography enthusiasts, offering immersive workshops, panel discussions, and portfolio reviews across Mucat museum, LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery, Bushman Cafe and INSAAC. A notable outreach initiative engaged Abobo’s youth, empowering them through the transformative lens of photography. The multi-venue approach allowed for a comprehensive exploration of photographic art, creating an immersive experience. Portfolio reviews provided valuable feedback, fostering growth for aspiring photographers. The exhibition showcased rich cultural narratives, celebrating the participating nations and fostering cultural exchange through photography.

Supported by the Swiss Embassy, esteemed reviewers, including Dudley M. Brooks (Washington Post), Finbarr O’Reilly( New York times), Nabil Boutros (Published author/artist), Ed Kashi( Agency VI), and Lekgetho Makola (CEO at Javett Art Centre), played a crucial role. They shared extensive teaching and industry experience, providing lessons through reviews, workshops, and panel discussions on portfolio development, narrative building, and the international photography market. Four photographers each from Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt entered the Washington Post Freelance database, offering them opportunities for regional assignments.

Considering that AFF main objective is to develop emerging talents, education is at the core of the festivals activities that aims to help photographers from Africa to enter the international market. Hence the activities ranged to address those entering the market, beginners and engaging youth to utilize smartphones to further their understanding on developing a visual narrative. Hence, the Anador Foto Club, established within the Africa Foto Fair outreach program, found its home at College Anador d’Abobo. The students’ creative endeavors were displayed at the AFF closing show, fostering a meaningful partnership with the school. The collaboration extended to content contributions for the school’s newsletter, including a session with Marvin Joseph, a staff photographer at The Washington Post.

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Journey of the Heart: An Ode to Abidjan's Enchantment

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