Lekgetho James Makola

Curator, South Africa

Currently a CEO at The Javett Arts Centre and formerly Head of Market Photo Workshop, Lekgetho James Makola sits on the International Advisory Committee to the Board of CatchLight – San Francisco, and was on the Curatorial Advisory Committee of the 2017 Bamako Encounters – Mali.



Aron Simeneh

Photographer, Ethiopia

Simeneh’s work focuses on revealing and portraying the untold stories around him and finding a new way to display his country’s unique music and culture. Simeneh was part of a collective of local Ethiopian photographers under the name PIE (Photography in Ethiopia)..


Abdo Shanan

Photographer, Algeria

Abdo Shanan was born in 1982 in Oran, Algeria to a Sudanese father and an Algerian mother. He studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Sirte, Libya then undertook an internship at Magnum Photos Paris. In 2015, he co-founded collective220, a collective for Algerian photographers

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