Mouna Jemal Siala

Photographer // Tunisia

Mouna Jemal Siala


Born in 1973 in Paris, lives and works in Tunis. 
A protean visual artist, Mouna holds a doctorate in Arts and Art Sciences from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Since 1993, she has participated in several exhibitions in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Algiers, Bamako, Dakar (Prix du ministre de la Culture du SénégalDak’Art 2010), Geneva, Casablanca, Kolkata, Los Angeles, New York and Tunisia. “Ulysses de la Hafsia” was presented at the 1st Biennial of Contemporary Art in Rabat, Morocco and is currently on display at the Centre Frac Val de Loire in France. Over the last two years, with the pandemic, Mouna has been interested in history to better understand current events. Her art articulates the digital, the virtual and the real. She transforms tesserae into pixels. Preoccupied by the concern to keep the memory of an action, an event, an experience, she criss-crosses her personal history, linking her life and her art in an inseparable way. Her triplets, her female body and the events and history of her country are all part of her work. Her observational gaze moves from the intimate and the particular to the general and the objective.

Bus stations in the era of the 21st century

The View Point

In conversation with photographer Mouna Jemal 

© Tsoku Maela

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